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Thanks. Yes, clojure2d looks like a great alternative, and I’ll make a mental note to check it out. For this particular sketch I figured out my quil issue via trial and error, and now I have the sketch running without opening a window at all. I assume this is possible specifically with the PDF renderer and maybe the SVG one.


The trick is to configure the sketch with :pdf renderer, specify an output file, and then in the draw method you must wrap the drawing commands in with-graphics and be certain to exit the sketch to avoid writing the output file over and over.

(let [gr (q/current-graphics)]
    (q/with-graphics gr
      (my-offscreen-draw state)
      (.dispose gr)))
The remaining issue with this approach is that quil still attempts to destroy a window on exit (this is a bug, I assume) and therefore throws a null pointer exception on exit, but the exception doesn’t seem to impact the output file or anything.

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