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Kari Marttila11:01:41

(require '[ :as aws])
(def kafka-client (aws/client {:api :kafka}))
(aws/invoke kafka-client {:op :ListClusters } )
{:cognitect.anomalies/category :cognitect.anomalies/fault, #error{:cause "Unparseable date: \"2020-01-13T12:45:44.63Z\"",
                                        :via [{:type java.text.ParseException,
                                               :message "Unparseable date: \"2020-01-13T12:45:44.63Z\"",
Is this some known issue?

Kari Marttila11:01:36

(aws/invoke kafka-client {:op :DescribeCluster :request {:ClusterArn "arn:aws:kafka:eu-west-1:99999999:cluster/MY-SECRET-MSK-NAME/999999999999"}} )
{:message "The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your AWS Secret Access Key and signing method. Consult the service documentation for details.
(anonymized the arn a bit above, in my REPL the arn is right, AWS_PROFILE is fine (the same credentials work e.g. with cognitect aws kinesis client just fine...)