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For relational dbs there's also schemas which seem like a nice middle ground


@hiredman yep, i should’ve said you have to filter on workspace id whenever you want to fetch all X for a workspace. Probably not a problem unless you need to scale hard as you said. @orestis good point, is it mandatory for GDPR compilance to store diff orgs data in different dbs or its just better?


So it kind of depends on your actual db. We use mongo so it’s a logical grouping (physical data is still mixed). But our (enterprise) clients like to hear about this separation.


Also, all the mongo tools operate on the db level so backups/restores/migrations/deletions are fairly easy.


Finally the actual code is very straightforward and hard to mess up. There’s no way data can leak between clients.


I’m planning rolling Hasura so I’ll use Postgresql, I believe I could have the same benefits with postgres like you. Thx for the answers


Still have give Hasura a try, but looks awesome.


What do you think of APL?

Luke Schubert15:01:47

I'm not sure why the response to the maintainer ignoring safety focused PRs and issues wasn't just forking actix.

Lucas Vassalli15:01:42

This is pretty big, as many considered actix production-ready

Lucas Vassalli15:01:45

From a security standpoint, if vulnerabilities are found and actix is not maintained anymore, a lot of servers will be affected, and both are seemingly likely

Lucas Vassalli15:01:30

Someone with more knowledge on this should write up on how clojure is safer in this regard considering how the web frameworks are like


I don't know if anyone should write anything. But we could probably all thank Rich for having thick skin and not having "closed" clojure in the past 😂

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Lucas Vassalli15:01:24

I mean, I would like to read up on this as I am a clojure beginner thinking about building a web server. Yes clojure is beautiful and we're all thankful to Rich right

Luke Schubert16:01:37

I don't know that is is really a language problem though, the core of it is a community problem. In a community where getting rid of these types of safety bugs is a core tenant the effort berating the maintainer should have been spent forking, fixing the safety issues and outreach on the benefits of the new lib.

Lucas Vassalli16:01:51

I was mostly refering to how the more usual "web frameworks" are structured differently in clojure, not about the languages themselves


@vlaaad I don't use APL but J, another Iverson's brain child. It's mindblowing and challenges quite a few assumption about coding


I really like J and its really powerful for some particular problems


Wait, the family of language is called APLs which stands for Array programming languages, I hope my opinions about J qualifies your questions haha


The briefness of the language enables both quick thinking and implementation


Too bad its impossible to find jobs and mentors, and I remain mediocre because I don't use it often enough, and my productivity is still far from potential the language offers, kinda chicken and egg problem, so I often fall back to other languages for my daily need :(


What's your experience so far @vlaaad


I love APL! I encountered it on my university sandwich year back in the early '80s, when I did a year at an insurance company (writing COBOL and assembler!). One of the guys there used APL for a lot of insurance simulations and I was blown away. So my final year project for my BSc was to write an APL interpreter (in Pascal).


I don't know APL, currently reading Notation as a Tool of Thought


I find it interesting because it's design seems similar to Clojure, but it's conciseness feels too extreme


I've been toying with idea of a language/DSL/library whose main primitive is a spreadsheet, so operations like + work both on numbers, collections, and matrices, and found APL supposedly doing something similar

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Thanks for the reference! I haven't read it (will, though) but given what you've described, sometimes it seems that some people that think about thinking tend to go to such extremes. One example that keeps bothering me a bit is how the creator of SuperMemo states that the UI is so horrendous not because they can't do UI but because they create UI specifically for professionals that work with the program extensively.