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does anybody have strong recommendations for how to turn emacs into a java development environment? I tried intellij and eclipse but I really really rather stay in emacs! lsp-java meghanda jdee?


the conventional wisdom i've heard is to not fight it and get a proper IDE. emacs will never be as good for java as what IntelliJ can do

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@veix.q5 add clojure to the java-project and use cider-mode? 😎

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The only two things I'll never recommend Emacs for: java and scala


I agree with you. We should avoid using emacs for Scala. I think IntelliJ is better tool than emacs/Ensime. But Clojure in Emacs is only love


incidentally, intellij has “emacs” keybindings


@vijaykiran what do you recommend?


(and so does cursive)


although how much this mimics the functionality, I don’t know


IntelliJ is my goto for Java


@lady3janepl my emacs is heavily customized, that won't do it for me


yeah, then you’d need to build your own keybindings


fwiw after trying a lot of IDEs I think the entire intellij family is seriously worth the money

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I tried CDE/Java/Eclipse Server based dev/Meghanada/Ensime but all of them were PITA

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i guess i'll have an emacs open on the side of intellij.

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That's my workflow.

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IntelliJ is way more useful because in most of Java projects you've a plenty of framework stuff.


the real secret: don't write java

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@dominicm I know! but I need to do some java in order to solidify my clojure knowledge and wrapping ability. so that I could make java libs disappear under clojure!

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Has anyone got experience with both Rollbar & that they'd be able to contrast for me? Rollbar seems to offer the same feature set I need, for a cheaper price. I haven't gone deep yet, but war stories are always nice to read 🙂


About six months ago I compared a bunch of JS error tracking services and settled on, although unfortunately I did not compare it to rollbar at the time. All I can tell you is that it compared favorably to TrackJS, Airbrake, and errorception, especially in terms of pricing--we really liked how they charged by the event and don’t cut you off if you exceed that amount.


Also important was that we could easily integrate configuration into our build process, which I remember airbrake in particular making difficult.


in any case, sorry that this isn’t a comparison, but maybe helpful to you in thinking about what qualities to consider


I've selected these two because they integrate with our current exception logging system and they integrate with our issue tracker. One big downside of sentry for us is that you have to go for enterprise to get SAML/Auth0. Which is quite a let down. Price will be a significant factor, as we have a lot of errors in this application due to third parties.


Thank you for your comment though, if helps validate that I'm looking at the right things 😊

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completely random, but how would you characterize the job market for remote Clojure devs in the EU?


Well, I'm a Clojure dev in the EU and I've yet to score a remote job. I'd kill for one though ...


This is a good topic for the #jobs-discuss channel...


Flexiana is looking for remove Clojure devs @U3LEWJSG2 can say more


Hmmm. Anyone deeply familiar with jbake and AsciiDoc and how to escape special characters like #? I'm trying to add a tiny bit of text to the Clojure reader docs about ##Inf and similar things, and the # characters are causing me trouble that the AsciiDoc documentation isn't helping with much. e.g. I tried \#\#Inf and a few variations, but it keeps either leaving the backslashes in the resulting HTML output, or I leave the backslash out and jbake converts it to HTML <mark> </mark>, which I don't want.


you could try using &num;


Ah, my sanity is restored by finding this incantation: pass:[##Inf]


Sometimes finding such things takes longer than the actual 'meat' of the documentation.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:08:47

for tips on stuff like that


Thanks, Alex. Yes, I would have found that useful if I had remembered it existed while having issues. It does mention the pass: syntax, which is good.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)23:08:13

Knowing is half the battle :)