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Hi, anyone tried the latest checkout of lein 2.8.2-SNAPSHOT. I tried building locally. Some issues. then updated the code to refer the latest stable REPLy 0.4.1, then it runs fine. However, when the repl starts it shows one exception "No namespace: reply.eval-modes.nrepl found", however the repl seems to run fine without any more issues. couldn't figure out from where this coming. Any clues?


I might have missed something when I updated the REPLy and nREPL deps in


I guess a bigger stakestace might help. Likely there’s some error in the ns you mentioned, but I have no idea what, without more context.


does :source-path's paths act like classpaths? I have a project that targets specific sub-folders, and i'm not certain if it's correct, since the files are not namespaced with respect to the sub-folders