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@benzap I think that's one of the things they do. Can you give some more details, it's not clear exactly what you mean


But if you have something like com/mycorp/app1/stuff.clj and com/mycorp/app2/stuff.clj and you use com/mycorp/app1 as a :source-path I don't think that will work very well


cause it's not relative to the root


That is what they are doing, but I forgot to mention that it is done this way in a :cljsbuild, so maybe the way it handles clojurescript namespaces is more forgiving


I think CLJS is a bit more lenient, but I think that’s just a side effect, not a feature


@bozhidar i couldn't figure out how to get the stacktrace. *e shows nil.


I tried to go through the leiningen.repl source code, and my guess is this is happening when it calls reply.main/launch-nrepl in client function


another thing i observed is, that this exception occurs when i run repl inside any project. but not if i run it outside of project.


@pradyumna What’s in your :repl profile?


{:dependencies [[nrepl "0.4.4"]] :middleware [cider-nrepl.plugin/middleware refactor-nrepl.plugin/middleware] :plugins [[cider/cider-nrepl "0.18.0"] [refactor-nrepl "2.4.0"]]}


The :middleware entries are both incorrect (and no needed). Can you please remove them and see if this behaves better?


it still shows the same exception. and also shows warning the implicit middleware deprecated


Hmm, can you show us the exact warning?


Btw, I just realized there wasn’t even a :middleware key under :repl - it should be :repl-options


there is the :middleware option at line 194.


btw, i tried completely removing all middlewares, even then the exception occurs


That middleware option is for Lein middleware, not nREPL middleware.


That’s basically some project config re-writing functionality, that you don’t need to bother with.


As for the exception - might be best to file a ticket with REPLy, as Colin would probably know what could have wrong.


(@trptcolin is his Slack handle, the author of REPLy)


I'm trying to lein deploy clojars with a non snapshot version, so it needs to be signed with GPG, but when I run that command I get the following output after entering my clojars credentials:

Created C:\Development\project-name\target\project-name-0.2.0.jar
Wrote C:\Development\project-name\pom.xml
Need to sign 2 files with GPG
[1/2] Signing C:\Development\project-name\target\project-name-0.2.0.jar with GPG
gpg: cannot open tty `no tty': No such file or directory
Could not sign C:\Development\project-name\target\project-name-0.2.0.jar
gpg: cannot open tty `no tty': No such file or directory
I'm running this on windows in powershell (VS Code integrated terminal). Not sure if that matters, but I've read that GPG is a pain on windows.


I really want to be able to deploy my library with a non snapshot version, and this is frustrating. I have a GPG key pair generated, and only one, and it should be using that one by default from what I understand. Searching that error online has not helped, but I may have missed something.