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(cross-post from #off-topic): completely random, but how would you characterize the job market for remote Clojure devs in the EU?


Limited but extant. Most companies big and small prefer on-site because they are not set up for remote work as a general point of workplace culture. For whatever reason I notice that a high degree of company-wide buy-in to Clojure helps—this may simply be co-occurrence.


@joelkuiper it really depends on which country you’re from. I found that remoting inside the same country is quite easy (did it many times), but remoting cross-country is quite tied to the CoL of your area


I did remote cross-country only once, and at the time I was living in Italy and working remotely for Finland (so CoL-wise it was a good deal)


Now that I live in Finland (high CoL) it’s quite impossible to find anything remote (not that I’m actively searching, I just don’t see anything relevant around)