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@chase-lambert I’ve been curious about the same. I’ve restarted emacs loads in the past. I think it’s been a bad habit that carried over from other tools, though - I do it much less these days. But it does not feel as awesome as people have described, yet. I certainly not keep it open for months!


Don’t know if @bozhidar already reported this, but I’m just going to quote him here (referring to cider-refresh, which doesn’t work for me, in a discussion yesterday): > bozhidar [5:13 PM] > @reefersleep yep, I finally get it. > This command was renamed a while ago to cider-ns-refresh or something like this. I guess that wasn’t reflected in spacemacs. > I thought we’ve added some alias, though. Guess we didn’t and we should change this. > bozhidar [5:40 PM] > OK, turns out that there’s an alias, but unlike the real function in wasn’t autoloaded, therefore your problem. I’ve fixed this, but also has to be fixed upstream.


I’m at work and don’t have time to research how to report bugs in spacemacs, so this’ll have to do for now. Hope someone picks it up!


@reefersleep cider-ns-refresh has been fixed in the develop branch of Spacemacs already, so no need to raise an issue. You can see the updated code here:

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