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Hey all! Working on building a CLJS template for Glitch with Lumo, and having trouble figuring out how to work with NPM modules. I seem to be following things right but I get run time errors trying to require things. Like this:

Uncaught Error: Undefined nameToPath for hyperapp
    at visitNode (base.js:1357)
    at (base.js:1369)
    at (base.js:706)
    at (index):24
Current code is here, would welcome pointers:!/wise-feet


@jarcane the link you're sending crashes my chrome, but taken into account that I'm compileing nodejs at the moment 😛


is the code somewhere else as well, git?


no works now, in Firefox, who would have guessed


try deleteing

:npm-deps {:hyperapp "1.2.8"}
you're better off just requireing your npm-deps directly than compiling them with closure.