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In what cases would you choose Scala over Clojure and why?


@pablore If I had a team that preferred statically typed languages (for whatever reason).


(the opposite was a big part of why my team tried Scala and then switched to Clojure, BTW)


@pablore kinda niche reason but if you work with Apache Spark, their dev team focuses on the Scala API before their Java API. so if you wanted to work with a library that is Scala-first =]

Mario C.15:08:47

Does anyone have any tips on how to learn/understand the problem that was solved? For clarification I was getting issues trying to run an app. What ended up fixing the issue was adding a plugin to my project.clj. Well thats the end of that and I can move on and work on actual tasks. But I like knowing what the problem actually was and what was going on under the hood that actually caused the error. And what did adding the plugin do to fix the issue?

Mario C.15:08:32

Do I just accept it as 'it works now' and move on?


it depends. your issue was with a lein plugin to run your ring server i think. What do you want to learn about? Lein plugins or just how to get things done? The source is here: . But you probably don't really care about this right now. Just make sure to follow the text of whatever article or tutorial you are reading

Mario C.15:08:38

The issue was with getting dependencies from an S3 bucket.

Mario C.15:08:47

Using s3-wagon-private got it working.


ah i was remembering a different thread then


oh sorry. had you confused with someone else 🙂

Mario C.15:08:32

No worries, the crux of my question was in regards to not knowing what the problem/issue boils down to and just fixing things for the sake of fixing things but knowing how the solution fixed the problem. If that makes any sense lol


I guess debugging/reading the libs? what's s3-wagon-private?

Mario C.16:08:33

Its a plugin that allows me to grab dependencies from an s3 bucket

Mario C.16:08:45

Apparently to store there as well


Would love to see this implemented in clojure

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written by an 18 year old kid, which proves that quantum algorithms don't have supremacy over classical algorithms, for this class of recommendation problems


hmmm yes i know some of these words


I'm in Seattle at the Amperity office on the off chance I know anyone through slack but haven't met IRL

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@U0K0TFQLW I thought you looked familiar in our conference room 🙂


@mario.cordova.862 I'm pragmatic. If I need to get stuff done, and I find a solution I don't understand, that's fine... until later when I have more time to figure out why/how. What I won't do is not get back around to figuring out why/how.