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@chris547 I don’t in any organised fashion, but I absolutely should have.


I’m also planning a feedback tool in the IDE itself so you’ll all be able to tell me what you want me to work on.


My rough plans are: Finish deps support, improve REPL support in various ways, improve CLJS in various ways (better REPLs/test integrations etc and also better source analysis)


That's great! The REPL stuff appeals to me as I'd love a better experience - is there anyway I could see what you're thinking/beta test/ provide feedback here? Right now I use a clj file in a non source root and run most of my commands from that window.


I'm basically trying to implement the idea of keeping all my repl history organized by date, etc


My ideal workspace would be to have just an editor window for looking at source, one windown for entering REPL commands, and one for output with all the code completion, etc that cursive gives - that seems to be my basic workflow


is there a way to add to the leiningen tasks panel with more tasks? want lein test-cljs, lein test-clj etc


I can always make run configs. I'm just curious


Is boot support still "Coming at some point maybe" because the boot->lein script works well enough? 🙂


Is it possible to sort the Deps Aliases by project then system? When you have 20+ aliases between system and project, it starts to require too much mental effort to sort through them. I almost always am only looking to enable project aliases.


I may even prefer the two to be in entirely separate folders - Project Aliases and System Aliases.


@idiomancy I can’t remember the details but that was trickier than I thought - Run configs are the only solution right now, sadly. Perhaps one solution might be to show links to the configured Leiningen run configs in the tree there for easy access.


That makes sense to me


Really not a huge priority though


@carr0t Yes, I’m afraid so. I realise it’s still painful. I’ve been working a lot on Deps and I’m hopeful that much of that work will help with Boot support.


@kenny Yeah, someone else asked about that. Sorting those is actually surprisingly tricky due to Swing details, but putting them in separate folders might be an option.