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Watching is clojure dying? Also there was But on conferences more and more people use it for work.


i just got my copy of The Reasoned Schemer (which covers logic programming). After excitedly reading the first chapter, i took a look at the back cover and was pleasantly surprised to find a word from David Nolen. cant wait to finish reading it get started with core.logic


im not sure that what one company does is a great indicator of the health of an ecosystem. The case of Zenrobotics as explained by one of the posters there seems to be more about the influence of a single engineer (by making a successful C++ project that required little maintenance) rather than a systematic decision to remove Clojure. I'd wager if the same thing was done in Clojure (or Python or Haskell or....) they would be using that instead of C++ today.


@gklijs what I got from that stream was that clojure isn’t dying, but isn’t hyped as much as other languages. I think Cognitect are not loud marketeers compared to other tech companies. given the lower volume of developers and no huge companies backing clojure even if we were loud, we wouldn’t reach as many people


I put the massage here when I just started watching. And for every Zenrobotics there is likely one in the opposite direction.


I thought ZenRobotics used Common Lisp because I know there is one SBCL maintainer who worked there.


@gklijs what do you see on other JVM lang slack channels. Are they more vibrant than Clojure slack channels?


@manas.marthi Kotlin slack seems about as active, but in general less friendly. Not part of other slack channels. I'm just a bit unsure about what would be 'best' to do in my spare time. I really like Clojure, but started leaning Rust and looks also interesting.


Spare time is short. If we want to be most productive in least amount of time, we are in the right group.


And please take a peek at groovy slack channel.. You will see we are way better off


Making a language choice based on slack channel traffic might not be the right metric..


But it makes Clojure look better than Groovy, Kotlin 🙂


@gklijs I looked into Rust. It’s cool for low level close to the metal programming, but not suited for something I would want to build.


@borkdude when did you look? There are some frontend libraries, some grahql ones, some orm libraries. But your limited to things build in rust, c and c++. Although you could use Java libraries with Graal probably.


a few weeks ago. yes, there are libraries (although very immature, because new, compared to JVM), but the way of building stuff itself is more tedious simply because it’s more low level