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Just a quick brain-bubble on this topic: I wonder if there could be a sort of "debug mode" where during fire-rules a graph is built for the causal relationships, e.g. Fact A -> Rule B -> Fact C -> Rule D... That graph could be analyzed for cycles. Haven't thought this through at all, and would guess it isn't perfect, but perhaps better than nothing?


I think for Clojure :no-loop true can be provided in the properties map. I’ve heard it mentioned a couple times


@dave.dixon the thing is that it isn’t clear it is actually looping just because it goes through the same rule path a few times. RHS can do arbitrary logic. Including have different paths they may take via conditionals.


Some sort of general warnings could be nice perhaps that suggest that “maybe” there is a loop though


@alex-dixon yep. It exists. Don’t generally recommend it unless the use case really makes sense to use it.


Typically it’s best to solve the problems just purely via the logical TMS if practical.


Yeah, it's another version of the halting problem. But it might be a nice way to get some visibility on the causal structure, and highlight loops that are unexpected.


Yes indeed