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any quick advice on a lightweight simple logging library for clojure ? lightweight as not depending on log4j or slf4j


dont need much more than logging to console or to file and having simple log levels for filtering


I have settled on pedestal log as my logging api and unilog as the logging configurator.

Nick Cabral21:06:11

Another vote for timbre for logging


I don't think I'd class Timbre as "lightweight" or "simple" but it is what we use at work. I like that it can merge all of the myriad logging libraries into one Clojure-controlled stream 🙂


This is tangential but that does sound useful, any demo project/article anywhere you could share about this? I'm asking because for most of my logging I've found timbre to be more of a chore than anything and I'm sure it's because I just haven't grokked it yet.