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For handling redeployments of an ongoing job, I've been manually assigning the a new job ID, using the previous job ID to look up the job snapshot coordinates, which is then used to create the resume point for the updated job. I have a feeling I'm making this too hard. How is this generally handled?


In the last year we added the ability to lookup the job history by a :job-name that is supplied in the job map


The latter is smart enough to deal with cases where a job never managed to successfully checkpoint e.g. deployed with a bug


It walks back until it finds a snapshot


Thanks, that's a big improvement over what I was doing before.


Great. Had to dog food the resume stuff a bit before coming up with a good pattern for that 🙂


If you’re multi node and submit on startup you’ll still want to inject a stable job-id into all of your peers, but other than that it should just work


I’ll try to work that into the resume point onyx example