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Hi All. Out of the existing nREPL clients ( (not just the Clojure ones), I am looking for a client that could be considered a good example to learn from -- preferably a rather simple one, that was written recently, and is know to be designed well. 🙂 My goal is to understand the existing R client (, and see if I want to change anything and rewrite some parts. I am doing that in order to allow RStudio to behave as a Clojure IDE. So, I thought it would be nice to have an example client to learn from. Any ideas?


(Maybe Monroe or REPL-y would be considerably simple examples to learn from? Any other ideas?)


I think the one in Calva is pretty well designed and reasonably simple. It's definitely recently written. 😎 (I'm not the designer of it, so my bias there isn't too strong. But it is easy to use, is my experience.)


Thanks @pez, this helps so much!


Also, the built-in nREPL client implementation is quite readable! (just a basic client)


Yeah, I’d say it’s a classic. 🙂

🙂 8