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I looked at Scuttlebutt recently, it seemed not very active. The default app (Patchwork) tried to eat my CPU every time I fired it off, I assume because it attempted to download errrrything from a very old public node that I joined


(ofc the "not very active" is an outsider impression, because, similarly to whatsapp and such, you have to get invited to a friend group/server in order to see people's posts. Seemed very much an "interact with existing friends" rather than "make new friends" kind of network. By design, if I understand correctly - the creator wanted it to mirror real-life interpersonal relationships, reputation etc.)

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My experience is that I deleted my FB account and all other social media, apart from Twitter which I only use for keeping up-to-date with technical (i.e., programming, linux etc..) stuff (like new releases). I am on no other (anti-)social network.

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