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Fulcro 3 is in Beta. The dev repo for f3 has been archived, and the official fulcro repository now has the source. A fulcro-2 branch was maintained for maintenance fixes in the future. There are a number of additions that are still due in F3, but there are no more renames or removals, so there should be no breaking changes needed to get us through Beta to release. I’ve cut a release for all of the other repos in the fulcrologic namespace. The template, websockets support, and semantic-ui-wrappers are all up-to-date and working in the template.

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Remember that this is a brand new library with all new names. CAUTION: Workspaces is written in F2. If you use workspaces you will get both F2 and F3 on your classpath. This is perfectly fine; however, you cannot use an F2 API in F3 and expect it to work. Workspaces renders itself using F2, but properly embeds pure F3 into cards. When porting your app I would highly recommend not having workspaces and F2 on the classpath until you have finished the port so that your tools will properly warn you of missing things.


So, officially, F2 and F3 can co-exist in the DOM, but they cannot use each other’s APIs. They are different things, by intentional design.


Hi! What is a good place to issue initial change-route? Right after mount and even in root's componentDidMount I receive an error because ::app-root is still nil (and change-route call first tries to get root from the app or component instance)


@stan that’s an oversight on my part..thanks for pointing it out. The router should be using the root class


The intention is for it to be callable anytime after mount


Bumped to beta 3, which should work correctly now.

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@tony.kay Grrreat, works. Thank you!


@tony.kay hello, I'm trying to bump fulcro to beta 3 but getting The required namespace "com.fulcrologic.fulcro.algorithms.misc" is not available, it was required by "com/fulcrologic/fulcro_css/localized_dom.cljs".


I see garden wasn't updated


so, seems like no more separated localized dom?


nah, converting to regular dom doesn't seems to work


I found that the fn pulled there was moved, PR fixing it on fulcro-garden-css: