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If I get back a message with printed-value in it. Am I using some old nrepl stuff? I remember looking at this quite long ago and thought I learnt that that behaviour had been changed...


Also the out message comes in a separate session than the eval where I printed. And with an old id. This is shadow-cljs which I start like so:

npx shadow-cljs -d cider/cider-nrepl:0.21.1 watch :app


I think piggieback still returns it in its responses. Or at least it did up to some version.


But why would the out come with an old message id?


Does that mean that shadow is wrapping or threading it? Where should I be looking for a way to solve the problem, I guess I am asking. 😃


There was a bug in Figwheel for a while where it processed messages by taking an initial copy of the thread locals and processing them in a separate thread. This would cause the message id to be an older one, but a fixed older one.


It is a fixed older one here as well, I think. (At least in my quick testing it is always the same id+session).


Then it sounds like a similar class to me. I'd check shadow's repl-env implementation

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