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@shawx538 I’m wondering the same thing. I considered giving up on the nrepl middleware and just having the users start a sub-repl (one that has a custom :caught handler) when the client REPL connects, but unfortunately this ticket indicates it’s not going to work


It's an annoying problem.


the link is good reading @bbrinck, thank you for sending it


@shawx538 When I get a chance, I’m going to take a crack at processing the ex-info responses as @bozhidar suggested. I’ll let you know if I make progress.


likewise. May I ask what you are hoping to do with them? personally, I and a team of others have been developing a translator, so that they can be understandable by beginners to programming altogether. @bbrinck


@shawx538 I’ve been checking in on your babel work - it’s exciting stuff 🙂. My goal is a little different - I’d like users to be able to configure their REPL experience and then share their configs. This means that I could configure a REPL designed for beginners on my team (hopefully using babel!) but perhaps swap out different tools as the users learn more


Basically, an extension of the proof-of-concept here: but I’d like to make it work with nrepl clients