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setting up emacs on my girlfriends macbook and the terminal emacs doesn't receive C-<return> it only sees the unmodified return. Does anyone know how to simulate this event? Or make sure a terminal passes it through?


@dpsutton depending on what terminal you're using (probably the mac built in one?) you probably need to go to it's settings and check it's keyboard shortcuts


was looking in iterm2 and didn't see an easy way


unless there's an escape code for enter that i don't know


There are macOS GUI versions of GNU Emacs, too -- I haven't used that one for more than a few minutes as I have gotten accustomed to using the X windows version of Emacs on my Mac -- behaves mostly like the Linux version.


yeah i run it just fine on my fedora machine. was getting it set up on a mac and got a little lost. Installed with brew and it seems to not have x11 support


If you want a macOS GUI, and GNU Emacs (i.e. not Xemacs), maybe this is worth a shot? That is the one I tried briefly but decided I was OK continuing to use X windows on my Mac.


i'll try that tonight. thanks


I wouldn't suggest my personal choice for someone else who didn't need X windows, though.


brew cask install emacs works well for me as a GUI version (not using X11). The C-<return> seems to work in the GUI version. When I run in Terminal with emacs -nw, C-<return> does not see to "work". So, perhaps has something to do with Terminal. Might want to look at Settings > Profiles > Keyboard.