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Bobbi Towers03:09:59

Mentoring exercism, Conway's Game of Life, and extending ctrain! (plus an absolutely hilarious human error!)


hm, i've been thinking about doing some work on but I'm kinda hesitating as the project seems to be not maintained any more. skimmed through issues and PRs and i think i can do some useful contributions there.


@U9QV64N86 perhaps reach out to one of the maintainers and tell them what you would like to do. They may add you as a maintainer. Alex seems to be the last person who was quite active;type=Users

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yes, once i've had a closer look at the project i'll try to get in touch with the maintainers.

Bobbi Towers20:09:50

I noticed that it uses noir, which is itself unmaintained. Delighted to see interest in bringing it up to date, since I consider it the #1 resource for learning Clojure. I've been pondering for awhile that it may be worthy of a new home at some point. What about migrating it to Datomic Ions?


idk, it may be worth to rewrite big parts of 4clojure and also to think about its operational side. atm i neither know how 4clojure is currently hosted nor how its parts might fit into something like datomic ions (and i'm at the "seen the 7min introduction video" level of datomic ions 😅).


imho among the most important things should be proper auth and https which shouldn't be too hard to pull off.


following specific users or maintaining this subscription list is atm really painful too. also atm it mixes with 2 motivations for following being 1) "follow progress of a buddy" 2) read/compare solutions.


and i thought of improving the workflow while solving puzzles by exposing problem data and providing an endpoint for submitting solutions. this way users would not even need to leave their repl/ide (if they choose to)

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...and some other ideas 🙂

Bobbi Towers20:09:57

For today's challenge, I'm gonna make a Lisp in Clojure


I had a very googly day today at an Alexa workshop where I wrote and deployed my first AWS Lambda function. It was in JavaScript but would like to do some Lambda functions in ClojureScript at some point. I also coached someone who is building an Augmented Reality Android app in Kotlin. It did feel quite overly complex, but not sure how much of that is the code, the frameworks or the device environment. Unfortunately I didnt write any Clojure today.