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@mihaelkonjevic I am finally reading through this article: I really think this should be in the guides, perhaps even in the introduction. It's really well put together and explains everything from the route->...->UI.


I really like how you scope out what's covered in the article in the first diagram. That really helps newbs wrap their head around what they're going to learn and where to put it in their mental model of the system


Quick question though... in the diagram, shouldn't the yellow arrow stemming from the UI box be pointing to the controller manager rather than one individual controller?


From the Introduction ( "UI action flow When the user performs an action (e.g. clicks on a button) the command is sent to the controller manager."


@loganpowell You are correct, it should go to the controller manager and then to the controller (but it would also make the diagram more complex than it’s needed).


Regarding guides, I’ve started work on re-organization some time ago, but finding time to finish the work is hard lately. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it in the next few months. That’s basically the only thing that’s stopping me from pushing out proper 1.0.0 version


Maybe I could help you with the new guides. I was thinking of creating one for myself like I did for core.async: where I would start with some reagent basics and then build up/into keechma


more like a tutorial to build a small application


@loganpowell that would be great 🙂 . Even the feedback on how to organize them and questions you had while reading them are helpful


Give me some time. I will report back with my progress. This weekend I'm visiting family, but I'll dedicate next weekend to putting something together