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@smith.adriane It works! I’ll write up some notes on usage documentation as I go… This is so great! Thank you!


@smith.adriane Is there an example of how to use the basic-components/scrollview widget? I tried using the test-scrollview to see if I could figure it out, and I’m getting these errors…

Aug 25, 2020 9:26:33 PM$eval18234$fn__18237 invoke
SEVERE: re-frame: no :event handler registered for: :update
(What I’m really trying to do: I want to put potentially hundreds of lines of text into a scrollable area, without having to create any handlers. Or maybe a textarea? [trying that next…])


all the stuff in membrane.basic-components is meant to work with an alternate state management framework, membrane.component . so if you're using re-frame, you would have to handle the state yourself


Is there anything equivalent to an HTML textbox, where the scrollbars are managed for you?


membrane.component and re-frame both fulfill the same responsibilities


not currently 😞


Got it! Super helpful to know! Thank you, @smith.adriane!


Do you have any examples of how to use a scrollview` ? 🙂


membrane.ui/scrollview is purely graphical


in other words, it doesn't provide any default event handlers


all the stuff in membrane.basic-components is fairly easy to wrap which is what I did to get the textarea to work with re-frame,


if you give me a few moments, I can also wrap the scrollview for re-frame


That would be amazing, @smith.adriane — in the meantime, I’ll study your textarea example. I’m still trying to understand how this all works. I appreciate all this help!!!


the underlying goal is to build a ui framework out of values and pure functions. there's a lot of benefits to going that route, but it means that you can't use the built in components from swing/html/etc that inextricably combine graphics and events


I’ve got to put kids to bed — I will pick this up tomorrow! Exciting! PS: I’m starting to more fully grasp what you’ve created — wow…. I’m blown away that you’ve recreated so much from the ground-up. An amazing achievement!


have a good night. I really do appreciate the feedback!


(And one of these days, I’ve gotta learn what drove you to this length to not just use what Swing/JavaFX give you. It must have really offended/hurt/scarred you!! 😂.

😁 3

I've wrapped basic-components/scrollview so you can use it from re-frame. there's an example here,


I haven't used scrollviews that often, so I haven't put much time into it, but I now have some improvements in mind now that I've thought about it some more