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Anyone else running windows 10 have issues with jack in? This is an odd issue. I don't run windows so can't easily test this, but if anyone else can take a look maybe it would shed more light on the issue.

Bobbi Towers18:08:47

I'll check it out I'm using Calva on Windows

Bobbi Towers18:08:20

So far I'm not able to reproduce it. My system is nearly identical (except for the German language part) and jack-in works fine.


Ah thanks! At least we know it's likely not a wide impact issue


Calva version 2.0.124 is out! It contains the following: • • Re-fix: You may notice the repl/output window has a new extension, again. This was to avoid conflicts with other extensions. Hopefully we don't need to change it again any time soon, if at all. Also please check out the if it might be of use to you.

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Tanks for effort to reproduce, @porkostomus !


Thanks for the new release, @brandon.ringe ! So needed with the attention on the test runner. I do hope Calva friends consider that you now have a sponsor profile. 😍

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Made an announcement too. Feel free to show some Calva love. calva 😄


dumb ? - is there a good example of a node clojurescript project using the cli tools that calva will be able to jack into? I've not had any luck getting this to work, and seems like "hello world" to me.


calva-lib comes to mind.... but maybe I do not understand the question...


That is using shadow-cljs, of course...


shadow works fine (less the always works the second time on repl reload). I'm starting some new small projects, and figured I'd give the "just use clj" option a spin


ps this is a cljs project, not clj


aka, if I follow this: path, what's the jump to calva


I'll try to give that a shot.


I'll be happy to hold your hand, getting kinda late for ya though


The jump to Calva goes via figuring out how to get nrepl into the java process and then get the cljs repl hooked to that. piggieback will be involved. I've only set these things up when shadow, figwheel, or krell has provided APIs for the cljs-repl part. In Krell's case it looks like so:


To broaden the search and increase the chances to find a solution we should ask ourselves how this is done with CIDER. Maybe @bozhidar has seen it done?


prolly worth a test to see if cider actually does do it.


If we can figure it out, it is reasonably simple to build in better support for it in Calva.


Any particular reason to not use shadow, btw?


wanting to find the minimal tooling to get a simple node deally. Think scripting for devices that can't handle graal


and curious as to what the short path into cljs for a newb is


shadow is neat, but it's a lot


cider perks right up