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Ashton Murray14:08:56

Hey guys and gals, I have a client based out of Dallas, TX hiring multiple 100% REMOTE clojure developers for a 6-12 month contract. Must be in CST OR EST time zone. Looking for senior level, huge plus if you have datomic experience.

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Hi, is it open to US residents only?

Ashton Murray14:08:56

US Residents and GC holders


@U019A05BLTG You specified the TZ, but more important to say that candidates have to be in the US. Plenty of #remote-jobs members are from other countries and working remotely between countries is assumed.

Ashton Murray18:08:19

Good point! Thanks


I am not looking a job right now, but I really recommend to hire people outside. I am working now for company in Dallas while I live in Poland and this is totally fine. Do not be afraid to hire people outside US. No reason to do that - skills are more important.


and there is no bookkeeping issue when do it on B2B which is very common

Ashton Murray15:08:02

Totally agree, but unfortunately its not my decision. It's my client's decision, and right now they are only hiring candidates for this role that are located in the US. I will updated if anything changes! 🙂


Let us know if there is any way to change people’s mind about remote hiring. I wish it would work different at least for clojure community 🙂

Ashton Murray15:08:14

Me as well. Hopefully it will open up to more candidates soon.


Yes. Plenty of expats living abroad.

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Jp Soares12:09:22

Hey @U0WL6FA77, I'm living in Brazil. The timezone is fine for openings in US, but not being physically there is always an issue. Could you point me for contents on how I could be hired as a Business instead of an employee?


@UBK8J929J not a big issue. I just flying there for 2 weeks on the beginning. Just make a company in whatever form. Each country has different law. I don’t know Brazil law, so can’t help you in details here.


you need to fill W-8BEN-E form for tax purpose when you make an agreement with US and this is mainly all what you need.

Jp Soares12:09:16

Very nice, this type of information is hard to find just googling, thank you. I thought I would need a US company.


*now a big issue - not a big ussue. typo


but the point is people in US have this mindset to fear this, because they don’t know this rules too


I mean the biggest issue is people mindset. Not bureaucracy and law.

Jp Soares12:09:14

I will try to understand the bureaucracy and explain in interviews.


I always hear then somebody on higher level in company decided about this and this is the end of the topic. They can do nothing and even not know who exactly make this rule, but they can’t hire somebody outside US. Maybe in the future ;)


but try! let me know if you succeed !

Ashton Murray14:08:29

2-5+ years of experience in the following skill sets… • Clojure experience (at least 2 years) • RDMBS experience in a development environment • Significant experience with DevOps desired (CI/CT/CD) • Working knowledge of Datomic • Working knowledge of AWS is a plus Technology Stack: • Clojure / ClojureScript / Datomic / Datalog • Jira / Confluence / Slack / Zeplin  • GitHub / AWS / Kubernetes / Jenkins • Front-end: React / Reagent / Re-frame / Bootstrap / Hiccup

Josh Brandoff19:08:18

Hi all — we’re hiring a few Data Engineers at Reify Health! If you’re interested, please apply or share 🙂 Note this is separate from the Data Analytics Engineer role we previously posted.

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Josh Horwitz20:08:44

Congrats on everything, such an exciting company!


For anyone outside the US: > You can work from anywhere in the U.S. compatible with an EST work schedule. Shame because there are some awesome people working at Reify.

Jeff Evans16:08:57

Was the Software Engineer (Back End) position already filled? I applied a few weeks ago and never got a response.

Jeff Evans16:08:52

True. Also, you often don’t hear back on applications in general. I get it. Just thought I’d ask since we have a real live person from the company in question here.

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Josh Brandoff20:08:22

@U0FKCGH9N Thanks! @U06FTAZV3 Yes unfortunately it’s a limitation right now but we’re looking to revisit that more in the future as we grow. @U0183EZCD0D I believe engineering is still actively hiring but I only handle data hiring so can only comment on that! 🙂

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is this position still open?