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Between ctrl-p, clap, and fzf, I’ve found fzf to be the fastest out of the box, and with nice “DWIM” behaviour (clap was also good there).


I also tend to favor plugins that don’t define mappings. Commands compose much better 🙂


No no. Mappings compose better. Dependent on the mapping.


Operators / text objects > Commands 😃 I don't think there's a useful heuristic of mappings and composition. However, I agree this buffer listing should be user choice.


Yeah operators and text objects are something I need to dig further into. Turns out they have added a few new ones and the ability to define your own in the past years. I hate the vim-sexp mappings (and the tim Pope ones)


The sexp ones are wonderful. Don't hate them.


Hrm, I have to try more 😄


I've been using clap for months and I'm fairly happy with it but I'm considering going back to fzf+rg. I've had a few issues on a shared host we use at work where the "maple" binary that clap uses runs off taking up 100% CPU. I've also had issues where I close part of it's fancy clever floating window interface which essentially bricks my nvim until I go in and either kill the windows through commands or restart it. I'd rather use something a little simpler (and was even considering writing my own pluggable one based on Aniseed+Fennel/Lua 😬)


I think I'll have to give fzf another go!


I would consider writing paredit in aniseed/fennel, but I don’t have time :)


@olical I just had a look at Conjure, starting from the GitHub page, did the Conjure tutorial (, and by Odin's beard, is it polished! Really great work! 👏 I'm switching immediately 😄


😱 that's wonderful to hear, I hope you like it. Please do get in touch if you hit any issues. I've been on holiday mode for a week or so but fixes and improvements should continue to flow soon. (#conjure or for more Conjure specific stuff 🙂)