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Hi, @smith.adriane — hope all goes well with you. Marveling again at your work on membrane and re-frame. Digging into the app I want to build. Sorry if I asked before, and you answered — couldn’t find any trace of our interactions on the Clojurians Slack archive… I’m again inside your membrane-re-frame-example app, and I’m wondering if there’s any ability to get “hot code reloading” capabilities — I.e., make a change to a view, and have it show up without having to restart the app (e.g., “lein run -m membrane-re-frame-example.views”). If no, is there a way to reload the view from a REPL session? (And if so, my head immediately takes me to creating a file watcher, and auto-running that command.). Thanks!!!


the short answer is yes


it's possible to develop with hot code reloading


my workflow is repl based


are you trying to build a terminal UI or a desktop UI?


I think someone else ran into this issue before and the problem was direct linking is useful when compiling using graalvm, but it breaks the reloads from the repl


you can just comment out that jvm option in the project.clj file