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"mostly gone right" is such an understatement! 😄 I am grateful for your radical take on a full-stack solution that fully embraces what clojure has to offer, and not to mention spending so much time on documentation and answering questions. Thanks!

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Michael W22:08:06

@tony.kay I remember seeing somewhere on one of your sites that you do paid training? I do not see it listed on the fulcrologic page, but I swear I remember reading it somewhere.


@michael819 It used to be on my consulting site, but I currently have too many things going to offer it at the present time. It requires a lot of prep work and general overhead, and I simply would have to charge too much.

Tyler Nisonoff22:08:12

Are you still providing paid consulting at this time, or is that pushed back while you’re working on other projects?


I am, depending on the needs. Training is usually a lot more overhead (on-site, travel, etc)…I consider remote jobs of any kind, and I do have consulting horsepower, just no one but me qualified to do professional training


So, on the consulting side I have minimal time myself, but I have several others here at Fulcrologic that can provide paid help


I can discuss those options in PM

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Michael W22:08:40

@tony.kay Ok thanks anyways, I'll keep looking.

Michael W22:08:00

@tony.kay Just out of curiosity how much is too much?


I’ll PM you


All 5 (wow we talked a lot) parts of the clojurescript podcast on Fulcro are now available:

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