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I’d probably reach out to some 20-30 senior QA engineers on LinkedIn whether they have a friend who’s reliable, good & looking for a job.


Hi undergrad and new to clojure , I recently had an interview and after the interview they sent me an assignment which a small program so that I do a code review, any hints on how to do this would be really helpful


it's quite an open-ended assignment @leftzav - but, off the top of my head, some things you might consider - does the code perform according to spec (if there is a spec), is it comprehensible, does any of it cause confusion, is it no more complicated than it needs to be, are there tests and do the tests provide sufficient coverage, is it sufficiently documented, is its purpose clear, does it separate pure and side-effecting aspects well, does it log sufficiently to aid debugging in production, are error conditions handled well, are resource acquisition and release handled well, are dependencies and configuration handled well


I'd go even more basic than this - does the code open and run in an editor? If there are tests, do they pass? I suspect for an undergrad they're also looking at your communication skills. Are you able to offer constructive feedback in a professional manner? Good luck @leftzav !


What are methods functions to distribute a given budget for salaries to the workers of a company? probably based on some evaluation of their individual work.

Mark Gerard19:08:20

Interesting. Shouldn't you determine that during hiring based on experience and role? I would use the same criteria after the fact


let's say you have some kind of bonus system and you think about having some incentives and self-management

Mark Gerard19:08:33

Do you have some KPIs / targets to hit? If yes, those should be the bench mark IMO - then increase for those who go above and beyond