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I ssh from a macOS box into an Ubuntu box and run Emacs there. On the remote Ubuntu box, I upgraded Emacs to 27.1 via nix-env. cider-connect-clj is now failing straight away with Searching for program: No such file or directory, /usr/bin/security AFAIK /usr/bin/security is only macOS thing. google hasn’t been helpful. I’ve recompiled my elpa packages. I’ve grepped my entire home directory for /usr/bin/security How should I got about further debugging this?


I suspect I’m missing the forest for the trees, so I’m hoping there are some lumberjacks out there.


any chance you can completely remove CIDER from the equation? run whatever startup command CIDER is trying to run on the linux box


My emacs debugging isn’t what it could be, but by evaling (cider-connect-clj '(:host "localhost" :port 3188)) directly in a scratch buffer rather than interactively (via M-x), it works.


Hmm. I think it might be a change in auth-sources. I’ve got mac-os-keychain stuff in there in my common emacs config. Earlier versions didn’t seem to care so much about it. /usr/bin/security is related to macOS keychain access.


Thanks for the prompt and the push, @U11BV7MTK!

cider 3

Confirmed: removing that part of my init.el cleared the errors.


thanks Clojure once again for its stability across upgrades


interesting, apparently, if you try to cider-debug-defun-at-point while you already in debugging mode - CIDER gets a bit confused.


@ag What happens?


for me it just blocks Emacs. You can get out of it with C-g, it's not a big deal.


Occasionally it happens that some operation goes wrong, and a huge pile of SQL or other data is spilled into my cider repl buffer. This almost always causes emacs to go unresponsive, leading to a necessary kill -9 emacs . What options are available to me to deal with this, while not disabling the log entirely?


I’ve taken to not subscribing to out and failing logs elsewhere