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Phillip Mates13:02:57

Earlier today I released 3.8.2, which resolves compatibility with browser-based CLJS test setups ( I also migrated from lein to deps.edn, but managed to temporarily mess up the migration, so please note that 3.8.1 on clojars is broken

Phillip Mates13:02:12

while testing the build change I pushed 3.8.1-alpha (after releasing 3.8.2) so it shows as the latest on clojars. Is that an issue for anyone? Should I make a new empty release at 3.8.3 to restore order?


Yeah maybe a 3.8.3 would be good. The clojars badge is also showing 3.8.1-alpha as current so that's a bit misleading.


(I assumed clojars version sorted to show latest, but it seems to sort by publish date. TIL.)

Phillip Mates13:02:32

Additionally what do folks think about a few tweaks to get Clojure 1.8 support?


The main change, other than filling in a few missing predicates seems to be dropping spec. Was spec adding any value?

Phillip Mates14:02:58

spec wasn't really doing anything other than a handful of function annotations. In theory that stuff is nice but I never got used to the spec way of describing things (I added these annotations as a trial many years ago)

Phillip Mates15:02:26

went ahead and released the Clojure 1.8 compat change as 3.8.3 as a way of dealing with the 3.8.1-alpha version showing at the top of clojars

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@phillipmates just happened to notice that the scm tag in the is v3.8.3 which does not match the git tag 3.8.3. This means that tools like clojars and cljdoc that try to link back to sources on GitHub will get a 404.

Phillip Mates16:02:31

was wondering if that mattered; I'll fix it up

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Yeah, that looks good.


@phillipmates So they jumped hoops and made you able to merge and release stuff in this lib?

Phillip Mates16:02:46

yeah 🙂

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Yay! Thanks for all your hard work and contributions @phillipmates!


Thank you for the huge help @phillipmates!

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> So they jumped hoops and made you able to merge and release stuff in this lib? Some hoops are worth jumping through. Although, honestly, in this case we kinda walked right by them 🙂

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