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I have unfortunately suffering from Covid symptoms for most of this year so far, however, thanks to a Grandma Shark bed table I have been able to do some significant improvements to the Practicalli series of books. I seem to have kept me contributions fairly regular. I've been doing smaller commits more often and it helps greatly.

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I am still working through improvements to the which is turning into mostly a rewrite of the content. This is updating everything in the book and also making content easier to discover and simpler to work with. The MkDocs with Material theme is helping me do a lot more with how the content is presented (and my tech writing skills seem to be much improved - I guess this is what comes from lots of practice). I've added an announcement banner to the top of the books that are still being worked on to convert them to MkDocs, to help people understand what is going on.

practicalli-johnny20:02:01 is being separated out of the Practicalli Clojure book. The book will still include a fairly comprehensive overview of all the Clojure editors available. The installation and usage is being spun off into their own books. This approach complements the, and books that are already created. I'm currently creating (fixed) which covers VS Code with VSpaceCode and Calva extensions. This provides a Spacemacs/Doom menu system and vim-style editing approach (and rebinding the Calva Esc to S-Esc to avoid vim editing conflicts)


The VSpaceCode book - I'm assuming was meant to link to I'm interested in following this development, as I was under the impression that vim and vscode/calva were not really compatible.


Ah yes, I fixed the link in the original post, thanks. Whilst VS Code wont be quite the same experience as vim/neovim (or Emacs with Evil), using VSpaceCode and remapping the Esc key binding that Calva uses did feel like a very good Vim-style editing experience. I do like the VS Code Live feature for collaborative coding, its a very good experience. I've used VSpaceCode with Live for mob programming before and it seemed to work well. I havent spend weeks coding Clojure in VSpaceCode yet, so there may be some issues I havent come across. I also have a few concerns about Calva and Clojure CLI work together, but have worked around them before without too much effort.


I'm also moving all the images and graphic design I've created to one central repository,, this makes them easier to reuse (although make break a few images until the migration is complete)