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I'd like to customize url in the generated pom.xml I looked here:

So I need to actually change scm/user because I use my own domain as a group id and it's then used to derive github user name like this:
Instead, i need Is there a way to do it?


The docs are all linked from this para, under More General Usage but I'm open to suggestions on how to make that more discoverable: > See Project Names and Variables to see how the project name (:name) is used to derive the default values of all the built-in substitution variables. See All the Options for the full list of command-line options available when invoking deps-new. See Writing Templates for documentation on how to write your own templates.


I just added a new section to the README near the top with a list of what's in the README and doc folder, with links, to make this more discoverable.


Thanks, that helped when creating a new project like this:

clojure -Tnew lib :name net.curiousprogrammer/email-check :scm/user curiousprogrammer-net
But how can I customize it for an existing project? Should I just change the url in pom.xml inside the project root folder? How does it related to the auto-generated pom.xml in the target directory?


Yes, once you've generated the project, the top-level pom.xml acts as a template for the one that gets created in the target folder -- per standard behavior.



:src-pom - source pom.xml to synchronize from, default = "./pom.xml"


In my own OSS projects, I've moved the top-level pom.xml to template/pom.xml and I specify :src-pom in the write-pom call to use that, because then tooling that scans the repo doesn't pick up a top-level pom.xml and try to treat it as the definitive version:


At some point, I may change the generated projects to do that too.


(I just created an issue for that)