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Ben Sless20:02:49

A bit grim, but it's been on my mind since I felt a bit of the quakes here

 {:width 800 :height 800
  :config {:projection {:type "mercator"}}
  :layer [{:data {:url ""
                  :format {:type "json" :property "features"}}
           :mark {:type "geoshape" :fill "white" :stroke "black"}}
          {:data {:url ""
                  :format {:type "json" :property "features"}}
           :mark {:type "geoshape" :fill "lightgray" :stroke "red"}
           :encoding {:color {}}}]})
Could be a good demo for using input sliders to modify the view - map center, minimum magnitude, time range, etc.

Sam Ritchie20:02:20

@ben.sless that would be great with for the sliders

Ben Sless20:02:47

That's what I was thinking about! I'll play around with it tomorrow

🎉 2
Sam Ritchie21:02:27

new mafs/clerk #C019ZQSPYG6 template in Mafs.cljs 0.2.0: this generates a batteries-included Clerk project, but tuned for Mafs.cljs, including an intro notebook with a few Mafs demos.