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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)07:02:13 is now available. Many thanks to @arnaudgeiser for contributing. This includes a bunch of minor changes and bugfixes for Aleph users, including: • Fixed bug ensuring queues are properly removed • Fixed bug in awaitTermination return value • Fixed pool race condition • Added basic JMH benchmarks • Simplified locking strategy If you're impatient, update now, but if not, it will be available as part of Aleph in the next release or two.

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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)10:02:33

Announcing the release of This version contains a variety of bug fixes and speed-ups. Also upgrades to the latest versions of Manifold, Dirigiste, and Netty. Big thanks to @arnaudgeiser, who tackled most of these changes!

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Sam Ritchie21:02:08

Announcing v0.2.0 of Mafs.cljs ! This library provides a #C0620C0C8 interface to the 2d interactive mathematical visualization library, all backed by SVG. v0.2.0 adds better #C015LCR9MHD integration ( and a #C019ZQSPYG6 template called mafs/clerk that creates a project fully configured for Mafs.cljs + #C035GRLJEP8 use, just like I do in the The templates • Clojars: • Github: • Questions / discussion in #C041G9B1AAK

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