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Why would one file’s changes get picked up and the other’s doesn’t?


(defn mount-root [] (reagent/render [views/main-panel] (.getElementById js/document "app")) (cssc/mount-all-styles))


(def style-map [[:normalize norm/normalize-rules] [:app-styles hyl/hylighter-rules]]) (defn mount-all-styles [] (doall (map #(insert-styles (name (first %)) (css (second %))) style-map)))


if I change the hylighter-rules variable (in it’s namespace) the css re-renders for that element. But not for the normalize-rules variable from it’s namespace… I don’t see what’s different about the two namespaces and would cause one to render and the other not to.


Figwheel ships the changes, but the rendered css doesn’t change to correspond to the change in my rules structure.


So I may have fixed it, garden creates some functions through macros, and they may not be visible so the code doesn’t execute. Now I’m trying to control the order the style nodes get attached to the head, and that’s not behaving how I’d expect...


Ok, solved both issues. I had a style node in the underlying html document that I had to remove because I was colliding with it.


@bhauman: Figwheel is making life so much easier. Thanks!


now that I have my styles working through figwheel also !!! 🙂


Now I can redo sass/less coding in cljs and have it live...


@bhauman: More of a conceptual / roadmap question, is there any possibility or plan of figwheel (or devcards) ever working with boot the same way they work with leiningen?


@shaun-mahood: not really on the near term roadmap at all. I'm really trying to focus on real and big problems... learning and keeping up with boot is not on my list


for instance error messages and getting a better REPL experience


better CLJS figwheel repl integration in the editor is a big one


@bhauman: Sounds good to me 🙂 Only reason I am curious is that a number of libraries I want to try out are really boot focus, so my options are either to figure out how they will work in leiningen with figwheel + devcards or get boot working with Windows and wait for figwheel + devcards to come to boot


sorry you are having to make that choice


@bhauman: Also not sure if you have looked at Hoplon at all, but there was a really good interview about it on recently and it looks pretty interesting, but is not react based so no devcards 😞 It's also super boot based 🙂


not so reloadable either


I'm just glad I get to make the choice - I love working in a language that has so many interesting things going on that I have to pick between 2 or 3 great options, as opposed to being stuck with 1 crappy option like I'm used to from previous work.


Hey everyone, I could use a little help… I feel as though I’ve exhausted Google. I have a figwheel setup in my project.clj with a :ring-handler. For the life of me I can’t getting any print or log statements to show up in the terminal or figwheel log file. Any tips?