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Drew Verlee00:07:30

@lucasbradstreet: your guys development speed is humbling. awesome work.

Drew Verlee00:07:29

could someone help me understand what an event map is? I feel like i got this a while back but the docs aren’t helping me out


Pretty much all operations are done on this map. Applying flow conditions, applying any transforms, error handling, etc…


And to support user lifecycles, we just let you hook into it.


If you’re talking about it from the perspective of how it relates to lifecycles, its where you would store any state you want for later.

Drew Verlee01:07:28

i think i get it how its used in the lesson. 4_0 in learn onyx uses the term “event map” without defining it, 4_1 talks more about how you can use the event map. I need to dig into so i can inspect things easier. Or is there any easier way?


I’m not sure how far you’re going to get with the debugging tools in Cider, if you’re just looking to see how Onyx works internally then I recommend tracing through this function, sticking in some println’s and running the tests

Drew Verlee01:07:39

gotcha. thanks!

Drew Verlee01:07:36

i printed the event map. you werent lying, its all in there 😓

Drew Verlee18:07:14

thats awesome

Drew Verlee18:07:22

i know what im doing today...

Drew Verlee21:07:11

I should have searched harder.