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I'm trying to write an atom plugin in cljs, and want to write tests like I would in clj (that is, run them from the repl). Anyone have an opinion about how to do this?


(CCing @dvcrn @thheller @jasongilman @cemerick @chrisoakman who seem like people who would have opinions on this)


Current working assumption: something like can be serialized and put into atom's jasmine/spec system, and then I use "run package specs" to see them from inside atom

dominicm05:07:49 This newsletter post is really exciting to me. It's in-progress. But there's so much cool stuff for Neovim now.


@pbiggar: I've never written tests that integrated with Atom before. I've only written clojure.test tests that run against the parts written in cljc. I'm interested in whatever's you're able to get working because I'd like to do the same.