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@leontalbot: sorry, but I fear I am out of the loop. What is the purpose?


Hands on meetup for programmers that dont know about clojure (and often functional programming)


They need to execute code easily


haaaaaaa ok, then yes, Gorilla REPL is best then. However, you will need one Gorilla instance per user since an instance of Gorilla will create it own REPL. So if everybody uses the same Gorilla webpage, they will all use the same environment (and may lead to clashes). However you may want to check each could work on their own namespace (should be possible, which would solve this issue)


Thanks! Really great insights @fgiasson!


@leontalbot: Hi Leon, I have uploaded the agenda for the next Clojure meeting. There are a few details to be finalized. I looked into Gorilla REPL, it requires hosting and that takes more efforts than benefits. The web-based REPLs do the job adequately, especially the Insta REPL which allows you to paste in a file of code all commented out and selectively uncomment the section to be evaluated during the discussion. I am preparing a file based on the website: learnXinYminutes that you recommended. We can have a Skype session to discuss more in details of the content of the meeting.