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@plexus: Responding to something quite old- have been too busy to be on slack lately, but... I'm not trying to be mean to old grampa emacs. I really ca't imagine not using emacs, n a long-term basis. I've had to switch to using Sublime for my current project, and... I am not very happy about that, to put it mildly.


Ideally I would have time to work it all out, and maybe write some emacs packages to make it better.


But at any rate, I'm still using emacs for everything else, especially anything in Clojure (time for that very limited right now, but soon...) I am just a bit worried that there is going to come a point where there just aren't enough people using emacs for it to remain viable for some things. Even if I could spend a fair bit oftime coding emacs packages...


Dunno- I would have a hard time using anything else as my main editor.

Nicolas Boskovic20:07:57

Stay safe, devs in Turkey