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Alex Whitt00:07:49

Hey there. I'm curious about how crux interacts with your new sql layer. I understand that you can configure column names as either strings or keywords, correct? Is that a meaningful difference when it comes to doing a sql query? For instance will I SELECT column_name or SELECT :column_name if the column is inserted as a keyword?

Steven Deobald00:07:03

As per you'll do SELECT column_name or SELECT table.column_name even if the attribute is a keyword. Since you still have to ingest with EDN, it's probably wise to keep the attributes as keywords, regardless. I'm not actually sure if string attributes are supported — I've never seen anyone try to do that.

Alex Whitt00:07:54

Perfect, thank you

Steven Deobald00:07:48

It's probably worth noting you're likely to get faster replies (to Crux questions) from a wider audience in #crux or Zulip, btw. 🙂

Alex Whitt00:07:50

Oh, didn't know there was a separate channel

🙂 3