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Clojure-LSP talk by @ericdallo at the Dutch Clojure Meetup finally available: Thanks @skuro for making it available.

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Drew Verlee21:07:47

given i'm using spacemacs, lsp version <tel:202107151320|20210715.1320> why would renaming be disabled in a clojure probject .clj file OR how would i enable it? E.g i put my cursor over foo in (def foo...) and select lsp-rename and it tells me my server doesn't support renaming. Lsp-server-info seems to do nothing Diagnosis outputs:

Checking for Native JSON support: OK
Check emacs supports `read-process-output-max': OK
Check `read-process-output-max' default has been changed from 4k: OK
Byte compiled against Native JSON (recompile lsp-mode if failing when Native JSON available): OK
`gc-cons-threshold' increased?: OK
Using gccemacs with emacs lisp native compilation (): NOT AVAILABLE (OPTIONAL)


Seems your porject is not configured correctly


Make sure your server is analyzing your classpath during startup

Drew Verlee21:07:57

looks like i had to tell it to add the project. via lsp-add-project. Or i should say, doing that let me rename things.

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Yes, otherwise most features won't work properly

Drew Verlee21:07:01

ah fair enough, i probably was doing this earlier and forgot.

Drew Verlee21:07:32

thanks for all your help. I hope to support the effort a bit as soon as i can 🙂


Thank you :)