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Corvo Liu05:07:47

Hello, everybody! Is there a built-in way to let shadow-cljs build tool to copy static files to public(or, target) folder?

Corvo Liu06:07:32

So I have to manually do it?


I answered on SO

Corvo Liu06:07:38

Alright, thanks a lot

Elias Elfarri09:07:56

Hello i am struggling with making an event dispatch in another cljs file. I have a checkbox that when i check it i get the following error: "re-frame: no :event handler registered for: :other-event"

Elias Elfarri09:07:43

so the event is defined in the namespace:


More apt for #re-frame You have to require the ns that registers that event at least somewhere. So by the time you dispatch that event, it's already been registered.

Elias Elfarri09:07:24

and i am trying to dispatch said event-handler in a namespace: apples.client.components

Elias Elfarri14:07:42

i am trying to add together two 2D vectors row-wise

Elias Elfarri14:07:51

i get the following results:

Elias Elfarri14:07:04

((partial mapv vector) [["cx" "cy" "cz"] [1 2 3]] [["ye" "ye" "yo"] [4 5 6]]) ==> [[["cx" "cy" "cz"] ["ye" "ye" "yo"]] [[1 2 3] [4 5 6]]]

Elias Elfarri14:07:16

how can i get this result instead??

Elias Elfarri14:07:50

==> [ ["cx" "cy" "cz" "ye" "ye" "yo"] [1 2 3 4 5 6]]

Mario C.14:07:13

(mapv concat two-dv1 two-dv2)

Mario C.14:07:53

or (mapv (comp vec concat) v1 v2)

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Elias Elfarri14:07:21

thank you!!! saved me a lot of suffering..