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Eileen Norton15:07:08

Cisco is Hiring REMOTE US - Email me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> for more info!

Eileen Norton15:07:40

What You'll Do Cisco is looking for a talented developer for the SecureX team. As part of the backend engineering team, you'll collaborate with developers across the other teams and be involved in: • Prototyping and development of forward-looking ideas. This includes working with the feature leads on planning, implementation and cutting code. • Working with the API Services team to build/enhance the integration protocols • Providing technical guidance on integration efforts with SecureX to partners across Cisco. Who You’ll Work With Our team is distributed across North America and Europe. We work mostly from home and occasionally come into the office - if necessary. We very much value verbal and written communication skills, sociability, and pride in carrying out duties and discharging responsibilities with exuberance and alacrity. We draw on the best of agile themes and techniques of the past 30 years—continuous integration and deployment, testing, flexible collaboration with globally distributed team members via chat and video, and gradual, deliberate optimization of process in the name of keeping projects and releases flowing efficiently, in order to provide an excellent product to our customers. We are surrounded by hardworking QA, UX, support, documentation writers, and management - we hold ourselves to high standards. If you enjoy working with a group of creative, talented and hardworking individuals on problems at the intersection of data design, transparency and interaction, then this is the place for you. Who You Are • Someone who can take abstract ideas and turn them into concrete solutions • Do you like solving interesting problems? • Are you passionate about working in one of the fastest growing product lines in Cisco • Someone that prefers to collaborate with forward-thinking developers • Want a competitive salary and benefits to support a stable, high-quality life outside of work? • Want to work for an organization that will assist in developing your skills, talents, help you grow? • Someone that wants flexibility and good work/life balance • Do you love working from home? Requirements: • Have 8+ years industry experience, BS in Computer Science, or related field • Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken Strong programming, debugging, and problem solving skills • Experience with Clojure, Python, Golang Nice to have: • Experience with Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Kafka and Redis • Background or training in information security (SANS, NICCS, STIX) • An interest or experience in any of Functional Programming, Distributed Systems or Event-Driven Architectures

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Jakub Šťastný15:07:41

I think it should be made clear how big part of the job is actually working in Clojure.

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Eileen Norton10:07:06

Thank you @U024VBA4FD5. I'll get more information on this particular job - the extent of clojure development and how Cisco uses clojure. I will say, we have many teams that need clojure developers - while this job is API prototype development, another is malware analysis (threat grid) and still another is working on an international team supporting APIs for SecureX's threat model. I will get more information on this particular role.

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Eileen Norton11:07:26

I asked for more information from the Hiring Manager on this specific job and here's the response:

Eileen Norton11:07:37

Most developers on the team are 100% clojure. This job is to make sure the functional specification of features and integrations that the team works on are well defined. We don’t usually commit code but when we do its mostly clojure. We have also done some work in python and golang, more to share examples of integrations with other teams who might use those languages. We also sometimes write python scripts to help with SecureX Orchestration.

Eileen Norton11:07:47

Multiple teams within Cisco use Clojure - ThreatGrid and SecureX. SecureX/Threat Response use clojure for its backend and middleware. The data model, APIs, Rules Engine are all written in clojure. In terms of functionality, we use clojure for threat investigation, incident response and the backend of all SecureX functionality including dashboards, user and org management etc. SecureX also has open source repositories that are clojure based.

Eileen Norton11:07:28

This specific job is for those authorized to work in the US. We have another Sr. Data Services Engineer position working with Clojure that is open to EU and US applicants. (unfortunately, at this time, no other work authorizations accepted).

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