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Ben Hammond15:07:27

I am looking for the minimal way to use pedestal table routes on their own (in a datomic http ion as it happens) at the moment I have # included io.pedestal/pedestal.route in deps # included io.pedestal/pedestal.service because I want to be able to use io.pedestal.test/response-for # got a function to create a simple context and call the table-router on it and now I get a queue of interceptors that the routers has found me: I guess I then have to call io.pedestal.interceptor.chain/execute on the interceptors that the router found for me... which feels like I have crossed a line in reinventing the wheel... is there a simple way to reuse the table-router, or should I keep going down this path?

Ben Hammond15:07:17

actually maybe that call to execute was the last step I needed

Ben Hammond15:07:19

d'oh of course Thankyou very much

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Ben Hammond16:07:27

is it called 'Pedestal' in reference to the Diana Ross song?

Ben Hammond16:07:09

> I'm in the middle of a chain reaction