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@roman.bataev hello. I have a question. Is there a reason why you don't do releases of joker with 32bit binaries for linux and windows?


32-bit architecture are not officially supported yet as there are some issues (see, for example). However, Joker should work fine on 32-bit systems unless you work with very large integers (that don't fit into 32-bit int). Frankly I just don't find 32-bit support important enough. I don't have any 32-bit systems and I suspect 99% of potential Joker users would not need 32-bit support. Those who want to run Joker on 32-bit systems can always build the binary by themselves, it's pretty straightforward.


I'll check it. I was considering packaging it. And since scoop support architectures this would be nice to have. But you're right, it's really a corner case.