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Hmm, that shouldn't happen. When you first open a file with indentation that's "incorrect" according to parinfer, parinfer will reindent the file without changing the paren placement at all. The behavior of the code shouldn't change at all, only the indentation

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Frazer Irving09:09:58

Hey peeps, I'm hoping to get a nodejs serverless (aws almbda) project up and running with fireplace, using as slim a toolchain as possible. I just want to be able to eval fns in a repl basically, I have no libs to pull in js or clj or otherwise. I would like to avaoid lein, piggieback etc unless absolutely possible. Since fireplace expects that .nrepl-port file, I thought the network bound repl would be the right thing. I've tried, by following docs, to start a repl with

clj --main cljs.main --compile auth-handler.core  -Dclojure.server.repl="{:port 5555 :accept clojure.core.server/repl}"
And also with
clj -Dclojure.server.repl="{:port 5555 :accept clojure.core.server/repl}"
Neither command gets me a port I can connect to with telnet and predicatbly fireplace doesn't connect to them either. How wrong am I? Is there an easy way to get what I'm after?


My might be a good alternative too, go with whatever is easiest for you simple_smile feel free to join #conjure if you have questions

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Nrepl is not compatible with server repl

Frazer Irving10:09:22

Thanks @dominicm - so assuming a deps.edn approach I need to pull in some kind of nrepl dependency and start an nrepl server?


Yah. You can use vim-jack-in or salve or nrepl's own main.