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I’m experiencing this issue currently when trying to run the repl in atom, is there something obvious I’m missing?


I suspect that's the same issue the #chlorine folks just had to deal with @juanmp -- Ink has removed some of the console-related APIs that Chlorine was relying on, and I expect it's the same for ProtoREPL (and no one is maintaining that really these days).


You could try downgrading Ink to 0.10.2 and see if that fixes your problem.

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Hi Sean! Thank you for looking into the issue and the insight into it! Yeah that actually fixed it 😄 Thank you as usual for your help


BTW @juanmp I switched to Chlorine partly because ProtoREPL seems to be unmaintained (and partly because I wanted a simpler toolchain without nREPL etc).


Thank you @seancorfield 😄 I’ll check it out