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👋👋Beginner here! Help required with emacs setup for 'Brave Clojure'. I'm currently stuck at installing cider. Posted the details about my problem here: Please help 🙂


@thegobinath You might try asking in #cider ... I haven't used Emacs/CIDER for years now so I can't be much help I'm afraid.


@thegobinath Just checking... You said you followed the instructions up to Step 5... This is step 5 -- did it seem to work successfully?

5. In Emacs, run M-x package-refresh contents.


yes. I did.. I don't even see cider in list-packages


What editor do you normally use @thegobinath? Maybe it would be easier to get up and running with whatever is the appropriate Clojure plugins for that instead of learning Emacs?


Now I ended up using nightcode just for Clojure


Will go with Emacs may be in future


I recently switched to Calva. So far it has been great and without much effort


My advice is to stick with the editor you already use if it has a Clojure integration you can add. VS Code -- use Calva, Atom -- use Chlorine, IntelliJ -- use Cursive, etc.


Thanks @zbir -- I tend to forget there's an #emacs channel as well as a #cider channel!


Are there any development tools that integrate spec with an IDE approaching the traditional linting/compiling space?


@UMRK4MJG2 I'm not sure how that would work given that Spec is entirely runtime? Can you expand on what sort of features you're thinking of?


Just want to know of there are any good dev tools out using spec, there seems to have been a lot of speculation around the issue, but I don’t see anything coming out of it.


Yeah, I read that when it appeared. Again, I've no idea what those people think "dev tools using spec" would even look like. Some of the comments there don't really make sense to me.


We've been very heavy users of Spec since day one, back in the early 1.9 cycle, so it's not like I'm unfamiliar with spec's usage... that's why I'm asking if you're thinking of specific features when you talk about IDE integration and/or linting tools? Neither of those seem related to Spec's design to me.


fwiw, I'm planning to do some work on this feature some day, but it's going to be fairly limited since it's all static:


spectrum may also be something to look at which probably goes much further:


you could look into for getting nicer error messages out of spec while developing


Spectrum looks interesting